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Poem wins First Place at WritersCon 2023


You taste like heartbreak

And you will never know the pain I feel burning in my chest as your lips press against mine, how they caress my being with their warmth, and yet all I can feel is the ache of yearning in the moment I realize you will eventually have to pull away.

I am already addicted, already comfortable in the bliss of your scent flooding my senses, already used to having your heat enveloping my person from the moment you walk in the room.

How am I supposed to live like this?

In constant agony. My patience abating, this lady in waiting- writhing -in my lack of self control as I attempt to convey the right amount of pleased and contentment despite my venomous dissatisfaction at the gruesome separation.

Disheartened by the knowledge that we require oxygen and sustenance in the non poetic sense and so your departure from me has always been inevitable.

Be it seconds

or minutes

or hours from now,

eventually life must go on and yet my entire core blanches at even the slight insinuation that you are not the air I breathe, the fuel I need, the light that gives me that life-

This is my strife.

The knowledge that my hopeless infatuation has always been and always will be just that - hopeless.

You are the obsession that turned me to ruin before I ever met you

and as I run my tongue over my bottom lip staring deep into your starlit eyes wondering about the depths of the universes that lie there I know one thing to be absolutely true…

You taste like heartbreak.

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