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Pitch Slam! @ WritersCon

Tyler Boudreaux

Sep 2, 2023

Animated trailer to be released for Debut Novel

This year at WritersCon the fabulous William Bernhardt had an intriguing idea. Whilst normally authors pitch to agents via email and occasionally face to face in a conference setting, he was looking for something more dynamic. After getting inspiration from a film festival he decided that was what pitching needed, to be dragged into something new and fresh. A pitch festival! In slam poetry you read your work aloud to an auidence and like the name suggest Pitch Slam is quite the same. An author reads their pitch aloud to an audidence of agents and publishers (and anyone else who may want to attend, suchc as other cheering authors) in a room that can accomodate the crowd. Anything goes, use actors, visuals, powerpoints, stand up comedy, the only rules? Pitch your work! Eight extradinary authors were give approximately seven minutes to plead their case to a room of professionals from the publishing world. Their hope? To peek their interest enough to bring home a contract, perhaps get an agents card, or a publishing deal. Pitch slam was the first of its kind at Writerscon 2023, in oklahoma city. It took place September 2rd, 2023, at 12:30pm.

Author Atlas Fae was the last of eight authors to pitch and made quite the splash with her pitch, an animated book trailer for her debut novel. The crowd seemed stunned at the effort and work she managed to squeeze into a short pitch and the extrermely short time frame of a month to form an animation from scratch. She recruited the talented Siddhi Varadkar with the animation process. The script, voices, and overall production was overseen by the young author herself. With a pitch like this-- knocked out of the park-- we hope to see big things from this author soon.

Check out her Tiktok, @roguefaerie_ and check back here for a sneak peak at the pitch that everyone is talking about. The author has stated that she will be releasing the animated trailer for the public to view soon and we can't wait!

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